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Sabrina Bergman

Meet the Trainer

Raised in the heart of Missouri's farm land, Sabrina grew up passionate about all animals. Her training of animals goes beyond dogs alone, as she has also trained and competed in various equestrian sports. Her passion for helping dogs and their owners build a better relationship was too strong to ignore.


In January of 2015 Sabrina enrolled in a school for professional dog trainers and started the Professional, then later the Master programs. The amount of knowledge she gained while attending there was immense. The Professional and Master programs taught Sabrina not only how to read dogs, but also gave her the knowledge of how dogs think and process information so she could then enact change of behavior in even the most challenging dog.


Through dog training school Sabrina learned to train dogs for all levels of AKC competition, training dogs in scent detection, IPO levels I, II, and III, tracking and Search and Rescue, as well as training dogs who suffer from aggression and anxiety. Since going to school Sabrina has helped countless dogs and their owners learn to communicate. Sabrina has even helped owners with deaf dogs create a reliable understanding of commands and acceptable behavior.


Sabrina's passion encompasses more than just training, it is her goal with each and every dog and owner that they end her training program with a true understanding of their dog. After all how can we really enjoy our canine counterparts is we are unable convey to them what we want. 


The Defiant Dog's Methods

"How do you get the dog to understand you?"
"Why does my dog learn so quickly with you?"
"There is no way you will get my dog to do that!... Right?"


These are just a few of the doubtful inquisitions we get from owners. Their confidence in their dog is low. Many times they have bought the latest book or taken the classes from their nearest petstore yet still are lacking results. 


What they are missing are the "Three Principles of Dog Training". These principles are Timing, Motivation, and Consistency and they give us insight to how our dog thinks, learns, and processes information. The methods we use are balanced and give your dog clear guidelines. We do not leave your dog guessing, instead we show them how to win, not only rewards, but understanding.


Each and every dog is an individual, and we match a program to their individuality. We don't rely on cookie cutter dog training, but believe in reading the dog and determining how they perceive the commands, rewards, and redirection. We will challenge your dog and reward their triumphs to build their confidence.


"Are you sure this is my dog?"

"I cannot believe you got my dog to do that!" "Charlotte has so much more confidence! I actually feel comfortable taking her on walks, knowing I will be in control."

"I never believed you could have a dog that is trained and happy. I always assumed dogs were happier just getting to do whatever they wanted. It is clear that Sophie is so much happier having rules and direction. She doesn't have to guess what I want from her, she knows because we communicate!"

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