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1 MONTH BOARD & TRAIN $2,300 Includes about 30 days of training, daily daycare, and 2 private lessons

Your dog gets the 'Trainer's Experience', living with the trainer full time! We work on everything from potty training, manners around the house, people manners, proper play with other dogs, sit/stay, down/stay, coming when called, climb command, and loose leash walking. Your dog gets to experience real life distractions, field trips to pet friendly stores/restaurants/parks, and socialize with a variety of different dogs. During the month we are able to identify any areas your dog struggles and problem solve our way through. 


BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION  $2,800-$3,000 4-6 weeks long

Whether you are dealing with fear issues, anxiety, or aggression there is hope. These are things that can be scary, frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous. Creating new associations is an intricate process. Each dog is different, and troubleshooting problems takes skilled hands. Having helped hundreds of families through these scary situations has been extremely rewarding, and given the necessary experience to help you too. This program is case by case and the duration of the program includes a minimum of 30 days. Call and tell us your story, we are excited to meet you and your dog! 



BOARDING $30 Each Day

Give your dog the opportunity to stay in an environment that like a home away from home. Our boarding apartment gives your dog all the comforts of home. Kept at an enjoyable 65 degrees your dog will love the comfort, quiet, and peace they receive. Daily walks, cuddles, and optional playtime with other dogs or one-on-one with us keep your dog happy and healthy while you are away.  

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